How To Use The Kura SystemCoordinator Encounters & AppointmentsCreate and Start an Encounter as a Medical Coordinator

Create and Start an Encounter as a Medical Coordinator

For help logging in to your account, please refer to Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal

1. Create an Encounter From the Side Navigation Bar

Go to the Create Encounters Page From the Side Navigation Bar

1.1. Or from the Top Navigation Bar,

1.2. Or the Dashboard

Tips & Hints! Only the last 5 providers that are on duty will show in this section. You can click on the Provider's name to view their profile.

Or the Dashboard

1.3. Or the Manage Users Page

Tips & Hints! From here you can skip to step 3. If you are unsure of how to get to this button, please refer to Search and Manage User Information Using My Kura Coordinator Portal.

1.4. Select a Patient

Select a Patient

2. Select a Provider

Tips & Hints! The state will automatically change to the state of the patient selected in the previous step. Checking the Include Offline Providers box will include all providers that match the search criteria, whether they are on or off duty. Unchecking that box will only show you providers that are on duty that match the search criteria. The Encounter Type filter will show providers that accept the selected encounter type.

Select a Provider

Tips & Hints! Opening a related encounter will use the same chief complaint of the original encounter. Editing an encounter will allow you to change encounter details.

4. Start the Encounter

Tips & Hints! If the encounter type is set to General Health or Skilled Nursing Facility the encounter type options will not appear and you will only be able to set the chief complaint. There are three encounter types, New Injury, Follow-up, and Final. This can be changed after the encounter has started. Please see New! Set the Encounter Type for an Encounter Using My Kura Coordinator Portal

4.1. Licensing Alert (Optional)

Tips & Hints! This modal will pop up when a provider isn't licensed in the patient's state. By clicking YES,  the encounter will still be created. By clicking NO, the encounter will not be created and you will be able to select a different provider to see that patient.

Licensing Alert

5. Accept the Encounter

Tips & Hints! Once the encounter is accepted, you will be able to start the video call. Please see these articles for more information about encounters:

Accept the Encounter


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