How To Use The Kura SystemCoordinator Encounters & AppointmentsCreate a Chart Review As a Kura Coordinator

Create a Chart Review As a Kura Coordinator

1. Open Create Encounter


2. Search for Patient

Tips and Hints! Enter the first three (3) letters of the first name and first three (3) letters of the last name to get better results when searching.

1. Enter First Name and Last Name.

2. Click on FIND PATIENT.

3. Select Patient from Search Results.

3. Search for Provider

Tips and Hints! For better search results, you may want to select Any in the Licensed in state if you cannot find the provider you want to search for. Please be aware that the provider may not be licensed in that state! You may want to use the Ctrl+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac) and type the name in the search to find the provider faster after Step 3.

1. Check mark the box INCLUDE OFFLINE PROVIDERS.

2. Click on WORKERS' COMP Visit Type.

3. Click on SEARCH.

4. Select Provider from Matching Provider.

4. Start Encounter

1. Enter the Chief Complaint.

2. Select CHART REVIEW from Visit Type.


5. Finish a Chart Review Encounter

Tips and Hints! Transfer of Care (ToC) medical documents are usually sent to us via fax or email. If there are any medical documents that need to be place in Patient Files, please upload them to the Chart Review encounter as soon as possible.

1. Click on UPLOAD FILES.

2. Click on ACCEPT.


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