How To Use The Kura SystemClient Administrator My Admin SettingsConfigure My Client Settings as a Client Admin

Configure My Client Settings as a Client Admin

1. Go to My Admin Settings and Click on Clients.

1. Navigate to MY ADMIN SETTINGS

2. Click on CLIENTS

2. Search for Your Client and Click on Edit Client

3. Set Encounter Cost Comparisons For Utilization Report

All red asterisks (*) need to be filled in to proceed

4. Create a New Client (If not editing current client)

5. Set the Patient and Provider Access

6. Set the Client Support, Contact and other Client information

7. Set the Platform Timeout Sessions

8. Set the Various Types of Telemedicine types

9. Allow Wireless Vitals Kits to be Connected

10. Deliver a Patient Error Message in Parent Clients

11. Deliver an Initial Visits Reminder During the Encounter

12. Allow Patients to Bill Memberships on a Credit Card

13. Set the Patient Queuing Mode

14. Set the Join Video Expire Time

15. Set the Automated Billing for a Jopari Payer

16. Set the Zoom Room URL

17. Assign the Client's Sales Agent

18. Deliver a Custom Patient Notice at the Beginning of the Encounter

19. Deliver a Custom Patient Notice in the Waiting Room

21. Add Employer-Specific User Agreements during Setups

22. Create an Automatic Order After an Encounter is Closed


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