How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Encounters & AppointmentsCreate and Update the Work Status Report as a Provider

Create and Update the Work Status Report as a Provider

Please see Create an Encounter with Patient Using My Kura Provider Portal, if you are not familiar on how to begin the encounter process. If you need help logging in to your portal, please see Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal.

1. Click on the Notes Tab in the Sidebar

2. Click on Treatment Plan Tab

  1. Click on Treatment Plan
  2. Click on NEW TREATMENT PLAN NOTE  and enter treatment plan note.
  3. Check Yes, if a follow up appointment is needed.
  4. Enter in the follow up target days.

4. Enter the Work Status Information

Tips & Hints! You will not be able to save the report if you don't enter all of the required data, marked by a red asterisk.

  1. Check Yes if a job description was made available.
  2. Under Work Status Heading, check No Restrictions if the patient will return to work immediately, Modified Duty if the patient will go back to work with some job restrictions of Off Work if patient's injuries do not allow a return to work.  
  3. Complete the Modified Work on Date.
  4. Leave the Regular Work On Date blank for the Medical Coordinator.
  5. Add in General restrictions and comments.
  6. Check the Treating Doctor.
  7. Click on the ACTIVITY RESTRICTIONS button to add more detailed restrictions.

5. Add Activity Restrictions

  1. Complete the Activity Restrictions
  2. Click the SAVE AND PREVIEW button.

6. Click on Additional Restrictions

  1. Click on the ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS button enter all information that applies.
  2. Note: Indicate the Max Hours per Day of Work
  3. Note: Any Prescription or over the counter medications prescribed
  4. Note:  Perform any Lifting or Carrying
  5. Note: Weight Restrictions
  6. Note: Body Part Restrictions

7. Preview and Save the Updated Work Status Report

  1. Check the Evaluation by the treating doctor on....leaving the field blank for the Medical Coordinator to complete.
  2. Click on SAVE & PREVIEW button.

8. Review and Save the Work Status Note

Tips & Hints! After saving the Work Status note, you will be able to view and download the file from the Patient Files tab. See View and Manage Patient Files During and Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal for more information.

9. Update the existing Work Status Note.

Tips & Hints! When there has been a Work Status note previously saved, you will be prompted to overwrite that note.

10. The Work Status Report has been uploaded to the Patient Files.