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Invite Providers to the Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

Please refer to Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal for help logging in to your portal. Also, see Create and Start an Encounter with Patient Using My Kura Provider Portal if you are unfamiliar with the encounter process.

1. Start Inviting Providers

Start Inviting Providers

2. Open Provider Search Fields

3. Select the Providers

Tips & Hints! Once you select a provider by clicking on the provider's profile card, the providers name will populate at the top and you will be able to invite the doctors to the encounter video. Please see Start and End the Video Call for an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal to learn more.

4. Stop Inviting Providers

Tips & Hints! Clicking this button will dismiss the Provider Search section. You will still be allowed to invite providers by repeating step 1.

Stop Inviting Providers

5. Remove Providers From the Encounter

Tips & Hints! Removing the provider from the encounter will remove them from the list of providers that can be invited. A removed provider can be invited again by searching for the provider again in step 2.


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