How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Impairment Rating/RateFastCreate a RateFast PR-2 for an Encounter as a Provider

Create a RateFast PR-2 for an Encounter as a Provider

1. Sign into RateFast Web Application

2. Click on Date of Injury

3. Write a New Report

4. Choose PR-2

5. Update any Background Information

6. Update Subjective Complaints

7. Update any Injury Specific Complaints

8. Update Medical History

9. Update Objective Findings with the Physical Exam

10. Update Objective Findings Update

Tips & Hints! You can also enter the findings by using the free text

11. Enter Diagnoses Upper Extremity

12. Enter Treatment Upper Extremeity

13. Update Work Status

14. Preview Report

15. Submit Report

16. Confirm Report before Submitting

Tips & Hints! Click Confirm to submit report.


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