How To Use The Kura SystemProvider My PracticeUpload a File to an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

Upload a File to an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

For help logging in to the portal please see Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal. Also, see Search and View Encounter Information Using My Kura Provider Portal if you are unfamiliar how to get to the recent encounters page.

1. Upload a File

Upload a File

1.1. Select File

Tips & Hints! Drag and drop your photo directly into the Select Image box or click the Drop Files Here or Click to Upload link to locate the file on your computer. Locate the file in the process that is native to your operating system.

Select File

1.2. Select File Category

Tips & Hints! Once the file has been uploaded the page will refresh and you will see the file under the Files section for the encounter.

Select File Category

2. Made a Mistake?

If by chance you uploaded the wrong file or to the wrong encounter, please request that it be removed by sending an email to


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