How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Impairment Rating/RateFastDownload a Finished DFR, PR-2, PR-4 Report from RateFast

Download a Finished DFR, PR-2, PR-4 Report from RateFast

For logging into your RateFast account, please refer to Launch RateFast (Work Comp) System Using My Kura Provider Portal

1. Select a Report

Tips & Hints! Please refer to Search and Open a Patient Account in RateFast on how to find a patient. This will only work for blue colored reports with "Closed" (finished reports) as a status.

2. Agree to Continue

3. Select 'View'

4. Save the Document

Tips & Hints! Click the Save as Word Doc button to download the report. The report will save to the local hard drive on your desktop/laptop.


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