How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Encounters & AppointmentsView a Patient's Health Details During an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

View a Patient's Health Details During an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

Please see Create an Encounter with Patient Using My Kura Provider Portal, if you are unfamiliar with beginning the encounter process. If you need help logging in to your portal, please see Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal

Tips & Hints! Information in these tabs are either set by the patient from the encounter wizard or from their Health Forms in their portal. This information can also be changed and set by other Providers and Coordinators. To see all changes to a patients health history, please refer to View Changes Made to a Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal. Information saved within this tab will be locked when the encounter is closed or canceled. You will need to make sure that all of the patients health information is accurate before the encounter is concluded.

View Patient Details

1.1. View Medical History

Tips & Hints! Click on the MANAGE HEALTH button to edit the patient's health data.

View Review of Systems

1.2. View Medications

View Medications

1.3. View Allergies

View Allergies

1.4. View Surgical History

View Surgical History

1.5. View Social History

View Social History

1.6. View Family History

View Family History

1.7. View Body Map

View Body Map


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