How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Encounters & AppointmentsCreate and Manage Encounter Notes During an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

Create and Manage Encounter Notes During an Encounter Using My Kura Provider Portal

Please see Create an Encounter with Patient Using My Kura Provider Portal, if you are unfamiliar with beginning the encounter process. If you need help logging in to your portal, please see Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal

2. Create an Encounter Note

Tips & Hints! You can change the date and time that the encounter note was created by entering it in the Time field, by using the mm/dd/yyyy and hh:mm:ss 24h format. Check the Internal box to make the comment invisible to the patient.

3. Use a Dot Phrase

Tips & Hints! To use a dot phrase, enter a period as the first character in the note. A drop down will appear and you can search for the phrase or select one from the menu. Once one is selected, the phrase will populate the Notes field and you can start replacing the placeholders. When the phrase is loaded into the Notes text box, press the TAB key on your keyboard to go to the first placeholder as shown in the screenshot below. When the placeholder is highlighted, begin typing. Once you've finished entering information for one placeholder, press TAB again to go to the next placeholder and repeat.

Use a Dot Phrase

4. Save the Note

Tips & Hints! Use the CLEAR button to remove all text entered in the field.

Edit Place Holders

5. View an Encounter Note

Tips & Hints! All encounters that the current patient has will show in this list. Use the filters to show notes for specific encounters. Show Deleted will show all deleted notes. Click on the COPY button to make a copy of the note. Click on the DELETE button to remove an Encounter Note. Click on the VIEW SOAP NOTE button to view the Soap Note for any encounter listed.

Edit an Encounter Note


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