How To Use The Kura SystemProvider Manage UsersCreate a User Account Using My Kura Provider Portal

Create a User Account Using My Kura Provider Portal

For help logging in to your account, please refer to Log In and Log Out of the Kura Portal

1. Go to Manage Users Page From the Side Navigation Bar,

1.1. Or the Top Navigation Bar,

2. Choose a User Role

Tips & Hints! As a doctor you are only allowed to create a Patient user account.

3. Create the User

Tips & Hints! Red asterisks indicate required fields. If you do not know the person's sex, you are not required to specify it when creating their account. You cannot deselect Male or Female from the list. Click on the SAVE button to create the user. Click on the SAVE AND MANAGE button to edit the patient's billing, insurance, etc. If you wish to do this, please refer to Search and Manage User Information Using My Kura Provider Portal. Click on the SAVE AND START ENCOUNTER button to create the patient account and begin an appointment immediately. You can only use the SAVE AND MANAGE and SAVE AND START ENCOUNTER buttons if you are creating a patient.


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