Close an Encounter as a Kura Provider

1. These are the required items that must be completed to close an encounter.

Tips and Hints!

  • Chief Complaint is created by the MC when creating the system Encounter.

2. Go to Notes tab to complete the Encounter Notes Form

Tips and Hints!

  1. Ignore the Triage tab.
  2. Start with the Subjective tab and enter the Subjective portions of the SOAP Note
Complete SOAP Note

Tips and Hints!

  1. Enter Objective portions of SOAP Note

Tips and Hints!

  1. Enter Assessment Portions of SOAP Note
Complete Treatment Plan

Tips and Hints!

  1. Enter Treatment Plan Portions of SOAP Note
  2. Indicate whether there is any follow up visit after this Encounter
    • Yes, if a follow up appointment is required.
    • No, if this is a last visit and select the disposition to additional care
  3. Click on on Finish
Complete Problem List

3. Set ICD Code in the Problem List Tab

Tips and Hints!

  1. Select the ICD-10 Code from the down arrow box.
  2. Click on Add
  3. Click on Add Checked to add the ICD-10 Code to the Encounter

4. Create Orders on the Orders Tab

Tips and Hints!

  1. Click on the Orders Tab
  2. Select the Orders using the down arrow
  3. Add the Order using the Add Order button
Complete Treatment Requests

5. Create the Work Status Note

Tips and Hints!

  1. Click on the Work Status tab, then to go to the HDI: Create a Work Status Note as a Kura Provider
  2. Click on Save and Preview to review the actual report.
  3. Click on Save Work Status Note to save the report.
Review SOAP Note

6. Go to Report Preview to Review SOAP Note

Tips and Hints!

  1. Click on the Report Preview Tab
  2. Review Report and click on Save SOAP Note button

7. Close the Encounter

Tips and Hints!

  1. Click on the Close/Sign Encounter Tab
  2. Review for missing items and click to review and update.
  3. Click on the Close/Sign Encounter button
Close and Sign Encounter


Leslie Kim

This is good for now, but will need revision after some suggested improvements.
1. Medical assistants will start doing the subjectives. This should eventually be supplemented by patient forms and direct data entry into the portal.
2. There should be one finish button instead of separate ones for each section of the soap note. The new ”______”( note button should also be removed.
3. Follow up date should be moved from work status (where it doesn’t belong) to the treatment plan part of the SOAP not where there is already a question about this.
4. The ICD 10 code should be merged with the assessment, and the orders should be merged with the plan.

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